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Data: Sausio 13, Penktadienis, Pradžia 22:00

Scott McCulloch (LIVE)
Scott McCulloch works across prose, essay, sound, and film. His recent music collates various pre-recordings and sourced material, crude electronics, mijwiz, tapes, and voice..

Emér (LIVE)
emér is Lithuanian born and Brussels based sound artist. During the classical music composition studies she jumps into electronic music explorations and its different techniques. Her music is a combination of a wide variety of styles and fields of music and forms into a hybrid mix. Her current focus lies on her solo compositions, live sets and electro acoustic collaboration with violin. Her music is often interspersed with polyrhythmic elements, floating harmonies, field recordings, coupled with drones, heavy bass, synth lines and electroacoustic elements.

Grégoire Fiaux (LIVE)
Grégoire Fiaux (CH) plays his music in Lithuania a bit like a chinese musician would play it in Zambia, or in Malta.

TeTe Noise (LIVE)
Tete is an experimental sound artist, musician and producer from Tbilisi, Georgia.

His work brings together a collage of analogue instruments and field recordings into a an experimental, genre transcending opportunity for unexpected improvisation and performance.
In addition to albums and EPs, Tete Noise creates video art to accompany each of his compositions. In 2016 his video ‘'Gadi Gadi'' was awarded the prize for video of the year at the Electronauts Awards.

TeTe Noise values collaboration as an essential part of his creative process and regularly performs and records with the artist "Vazhmarr."

Vazhmarr (LIVE)
Vazha Marr (Stage name Vazhmarr) is an experimental electronic musician & producer from Tbilisi (GEO).
Generally it’s not considered having one specific genre, his music has incorporated a variety of genres and styles ranging from the generic IDM, to the experimental (ambient, electro, techno imbued by melody, other worldly sounds & permutated lyrics)
Vazhas weapons of choice are live instruments, though he also incorporates a variety of other synths, samplers, drum machines and old tape recordings. In 2011 Marr joined the duo band ‘Me and my Monkey’ (MAMM) and performed various lives in Europe. He collaborate fairly regularly with TeTe Noise (Tracks: ‘ Sabani’, ‘Zebra Blossom’) and heavily involved in further projects together in various clubs & locations. Vazhmarr is now working on new EP.



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